Healing Workshops

Awaken Nature Healing offers a range of healing services designed primarily to bring a renewed sense of joy to life, to return the self to wholeness, and to bring the individual into connection with the natural world for inner peace and renewal.

All sessions are run by Maxine Allinson who either works with channelling energy for healing the individual or provides teachings on how to utilise the energies inherent in the natural world to enhance wellness and to bring the seeker back into a sense of wholeness by harmonising mind, body and spirit.

The aim of the teachings is not only to bring people back into connection with the sacred, the spiritual, the divine presence that lies behind all ife, and to re-establish or deepen connection with the natural world, for personal health and well-being, but for healing of the Earth and all who live upon her.

It is also to empower people to remember that the mind, body, and emotions are all connected and influence the other, and that natural healing methods, working with energy, natural herbal remedies, and ancient healing methods can all be incorporated into daily life for maintaining personal health.

Specialised topics for learning include:-

  • Understanding the nature of healing

  • Understanding the energy systems and how energy impacts on the physical body.

  • Chakra awareness and alignment

  • How the body and mind affect each other and the power of positive thinking

  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques

  • Sensing energy in the natural world and how to work with this for health and wellbeing

  • Plant Spirit and Intelligence

  • Heart Perception and Communication

  • Wildcrafting

  • Woodland Ecology

A beautiful time spent in nature with Maxine, who through magical storytelling shares her knowledge of the delights, wonders and healing properties of the natural world. 10/10 

Melanie Hawthorne

I spent over 2 lovely hours with Maxine today. Learning how the plants and trees are so beneficial to us. Maxine is very knowledgeable about nature and makes it very enjoyable while having a lovely walk through the countryside. Also some lovely meditations. Absolutely wonderful thanks so much.

Joanna Mortimer

Absolutely brilliant day with Maxine in the woods learning healing with trees. So much great information about natural remedies and lots of mindfulness and meditation. Perfect!

Samantha Joanne

I’ve just had the most incredible day at Porthkerry Park where Maxine shared her knowledge and wisdom about the local area and how plants and trees can bring healing into our everyday busy life. I travelled all the way from West Sussex and I am so grateful I took time out to attend this workshop, it’s left me feeling utterly grateful. Thank you for sharing and opening up a new way of being for me.

Rachel Allanach

Enjoyed a wonderful one to one session in the woods, learning from Maxine’s extensive knowledge and passion. Very relaxing very inspiring and very powerful!

Becky Chunisingh

One to One Healing

Maxine also runs one to one sessions or smaller group sessions on request.  These are tailored to your personal learning and can cover a range of the topics as included in the group sessions.

One to one sessions are also available for general life coaching and personal healing.

If unable to attend in person a video service is also available.


Benefits of the sessions include:-

  • An increase in spiritual awareness
  • The understanding of why free flowing energy in the body is beneficial to health
  • Raising the energy vibration
  • Quieting the mind to achieve new states of tranquillity and bliss
  • Building a more fulfilling relationship with the natural world
  • How to sense energy in plants and trees
  • Becoming more intuitive and heart centred

To arrange a one to one session to take place in nature or at home, or for enquiries in respect of an animal healing please contact Maxine

Upcoming Events and Workshops


Awakening Spirit Natural Healing Day

Awakening Spirit Natural Healing Day

8th June 2024

10am – 16:00pm

Porthkerry Country Park, Barry.


Autumn Foraging Walk 4

Summer Foraging and Wildcrafting Walk

Summer Foraging and Wildcrafting Walk

6th of July 2024

10 am – 2 pm

Cosmeston Country Park, Vale of Glamorgan