The Healing Way

Healing with Nature

To describe the way that nature heals would be to start with how we feel for it is feeling that takes us to the heart of things, the flow that pulls us to where we need to go, and it is by intuition and feeling that we come to new ways of learning. But just as feeling flows so does a life force that moves through all we see that breathes and lives upon this earth, and it is this that leads us to the sacred, the all essential spiritual essence within all that is living.

To understand the nature of healing is to understand that which is common to all life, that all matter is energy, and all physical processes, all chemical and electrical reactions in the body are governed by energy.

All life is vibrating at it’s own frequency, and these frequencies are constantly being processed, guiding us by instinct to what is right or wrong.

This forms the premise of why I wished to learn the healing way, the awareness from a young age of the light that comes from within, sensed by feeling, the attraction or repulsion, the warmth or the barriers that would greet me from people and places, a force that could be seen as a light around the body, a touch without physical contact.

And through many years of learning, the philosophies, psychologies, eastern and western medicine, the mythology and symbology, the sciences and the arts, the sacred and the profound, the physical and the metaphysical, there arose universal truths that bound them all together.

What is Energy?

The cells in our bodies are constantly in communication with each other, adapting and self organising to ensure maximum health, each one radiating electromagnetic frequencies which form our energy field which other people can feel. But not only people, all that is alive, the plants and the trees, each has it’s own frequency that conveys messages and information, which is received and felt through the heart and through our own energy field.

This energy, this force of life and vitality is constantly affecting the tangible, the physical world that we experience through the senses.

What is it to be in Health?

When all systems in the body are in balance with energy moving freely, when the mind, body and spirit are in harmony with each other, and we are in healthy connection with the external environment, we are in and feel a sense of wholeness.

What is Healing?

To feel this wholeness within, to come fully into the self, in touch with our emotions and the ability to express these freely, this is one of the aims of healing, as it is also to release any energy that may have become stuck within the body so causing physical or psychological symptoms.

Energy itself is conscious and subatomic particles within the cells of the body are affected by the energy being directed at them. So saying when we learn to understand energy we can mindfully direct it to heal, changing the electrical signals in the body to return it to health. It is therefore beneficial to keep the thoughts positive as these have an impact on our physical vitality and wellbeing.

Absolutely brilliant day with Maxine in the woods learning healing with trees. So much great information about natural remedies and lots of mindfulness and meditation. Perfect!

Samantha Joanne

I have had a few healing sessions with Maxine and they have been quite amazing. I would highly recommend Ceridwen’s Nature Healing it’s very non intrusive and quite remarkable in it’s quality. I have also managed to get out in nature with Maxine which again was a most remarkable experience. It was fabulous to get a small taste of her vast knowledge and experience nature through her. Most remarkable was the magic quality of the experience and how nature literally came to us, it is something I will never forget.

Rachel Harries

I’ve just had the most incredible day at Porthkerry Park where Maxine shared her knowledge and wisdom about the local area and how plants and trees can bring healing into our everyday busy life. I travelled all the way from West Sussex and I am so grateful I took time out to attend this workshop, it’s left me feeling utterly grateful. Thank you for sharing and opening up a new way of being for me.

Rachel Allanach

How Nature Heals

A healer directs energy with intent to give the body what it needs to repair and return to a state of balance. By spending time in nature, we can utilise the energy inherent in the earth, the trees and the plants for bringing wellness and relaxation.

At a base level, connecting with the earth’s frequency grounds us, and drains off excess energy absorbed throughout the day.

The plants and trees themselves communicate through their own electromagnetic frequency which we connect to through our energy field and through the electromagnetic frequency of the heart. In this connection as the energy fields become one we are able to receive healing wisdom and guidance for our own personal and spiritual path in life.

Plants have a transformative power on all levels. Whether by ingestion of chemical constituents within them that are used to remedy a condition within the body, or through meditational and connection techniques, they work with our vibrational energy, moving to the root of the problem both physically and spiritually.

Likewise, trees have the ability to transform subtle energies to bring equilibrium and create wellness. They help absorb negative energy, lower blood pressure, nourish the blood system and give strength to the nervous system. They cleanse and release old energy to help us become a clear channel to receive healing energies, and balance the emotions that can lead to physical illness.

As our relationship with the natural world develops we are not only brought into deeper connection with who we are, most importantly the spiritual element of being, but feel our intrinsic connection to the earth and to all humanity.  The resulting relationship brings benefit to all life as we in our healing become the healer.