Animal Healing

Maxine is a registered animal healer and has been a member of the Healing Animal’s Foundation since 2010.

The Sacred Connection

Life on earth is diverse and magical. From a young age I’ve been in awe of the creatures that walk alongside us humans, the variety of life upon this planet that enriches and deepens the experience of being alive, and have always felt a connection not just physically but through the spirit, our commonality in the life force that flows through all sentient beings.

Recognising the sacred connection we have with all other life inspired me to want to be a voice for the animals, to help them live better lives, as individuals and for each species I could personally give help to.

In our lifetimes, many of us choose to make an animal a companion, a being who shares special moments with us, and who becomes part of our family. Our relationship with them can be as loving and wholesome as that with another human being as we recognise the pure unconditional love they give us and which we give in return.

How many times have we seen a dog or a cat seem to recognise the emotions we feel and respond to them. Or those animals who have sat with us or someone we know through illness or grief. Through hard times it can be their friendship and love that can get us through. And for most of us we want to give something back to them, to be a comfort throughout all stages of life.

Inevitably at some point, illness or trauma can occur and many of us want to do anything we can to help our animals through this and to make a speedy recovery, to bring comfort and care and find ways to help deal with the physical ailment and the resulting emotional impact.

Just like us, animals have spirit, a life force, and are connected to the Greater force that runs through all that is living. They are intelligent and sensitive beings, each with their own highly tuned in modes of perception, processing the world through sensory information and showing us by their behaviour how they are feeling.

To understand an animal is to come away from our own idea of what we think they may feel but learn how they perceive the world and use this to bring deeper connection with them.

To heal and make whole again

Being aware of energy fields and the effect that stress in it’s different forms takes upon the body led me to want to bring my own abilities and sensitivities to help animals. This has formed part of my training and learning, not least from the animals themselves.

The act of providing healing is about bringing the internal systems, the physiological and the psychological, back into a state of equilibrium, to help the energy within the body to flow freely and to aid the cells and the organs in the body to function at their optimum level.

In providing healing to an animal, I consider the physical systems and sensory abilities unique to their species.

Animals are highly sensitive and responsive to energy vibrations. When healing energy is directed to them it can release blockages within the energy systems, so conveying positive healing to the physical and bringing everything back into a state of balance.

Holistic Care

As with our own health, an animal’s emotional and mental wellbeing will be closely linked to the physical. Life factors can have an emotional impact which if not dealt with can build up as stress in the body and lead to physical illness.

With this in mind, whilst considering a programme of care for your animal, I look at any other factors which may affect his/her health, and provide recommendations which will not only help support them through their illness and the healing process but for future prevention of problems that could possibly arise.

Being in health means to have a strong immune system. Our body needs the correct balance of nutrients for healthy functioning of the cells. Providing a healthy balanced diet for your animal means looking at the physical needs for their species but also for their age, and any vulnerabilities they may have. Guidance can be provided for this.

Our beloved cat Rico was hit by a car in January this year. After 3 days in a veterinary hospital under 24 hour care, the vets reported that while Rico’s physical injuries would heal there was little to no hope of his making a recovery as his mental trauma was too much. He was completely non responsive, unable to move or eat.

Maxine was recommended to me through a friend. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was open to any option available to me. This proved to be the best decision I made.

After 3 sessions Rico was able to leap paste from my hand. Today he is almost fully recovered...I sincerely believe that his recovery was heavily influenced by the healing treatments Maxine gave Rico.

My friends and family called Maxine’s work a miracle, and I sincerely believe this to be the case.

Natalie Owen

My cat Sparky was 16 and in poor health. He was arthritic and had been attacked by a neighbourhood cat. He had basically given up on life and would sit for days in the garden, sometimes in the rain. I asked Maxine to see if she could come to give him some comfort at the end of his life, never thinking that her healing could be that powerful. A few weeks later he was up a tree in the garden! He lived happily for another three years after that. Thank you Maxine

Sue Blackwell

The Healing Session

An initial consultation will involve looking at your animal’s history, environmental factors, diet, and companionship elements. A healing session will be provided which is gentle and non obtrusive but which is aimed to relax, bring balance between the physical and energetic bodies, release any blocked energy and provide the body with what it needs to heal.

The sessions are primarily about compassion and care; to provide support to your animal at what can potentially be a stressful time. A gentle healing can also be provided for you, the carer, if needed.

To book a consultation or to discuss services, please contact Maxine

Initial consultation and healing £60

Follow up healing sessions £50

Maxine is a member of the Healing Animals Foundation