Natural Healing in the Heart of Nature

What is Nature Healing?

In all that lives upon the earth, there is an underlying life force, an energy that connects us all, the spirit that calls everything into life. We are able to tap into this to improve health, increase energy levels and bring positive change into our lives.

The plants and trees that are a vital part of all life on the planet regulate the earth’s ecosystems and create and maintain an atmosphere for life to grow and flourish. We are dependent on them for so much in terms of survival but our connection to them runs deeper than just the physical.

Nature is intelligent and aware.  She exerts a healing influence by bringing us back into connection with our spiritual selves as we recognise that all life is connected through spirit and energy.  Time spent in her presence can have a profound healing effect on us working in obvious and more subtle ways to produce long lasting effects to our health and wellbeing.  At a fundamental level, being immersed in the natural world, time spent in a woods or walking through a meadow for example, brings a sense of calm to the body and the mind, a relaxation that moves into the spirit as we find ourselves literally coming back to the earth, her energy flowing through us grounding and cleansing, revitalising and renewing.

At a deeper level, we recognise that the plant world is conscious and intelligent and is able to aid us in achieving wholeness within the self by bringing into connection the physical and the spiritual, the linear and the rational, the internal and external worlds.

Nature is alive and is talking to us.

She is the physical but she is the mystical, the magical, the eternal spirit made manifest in colour and form and shape.

You hear her as the breath of wind that moves the leaves, the crack of branch from weight of snow, the bird that greets the day as sun begins to rise. She whispers gently calling to your heart and in her wisdom speaks the truth of what is constant, true, eternal, even as the leaves fall and the plants return to earth, as day moves into night and night returns to day. The wheel turns and life renews again.

The Healing Service

Awaken Nature Healing was set up by Maxine Allinson with the intention of providing a healing service but to also connect people with nature for their own wellbeing and create positive change upon the earth in the relationship that would subsequently develop.

The aim of the teachings provided is to bring the individual back into wholeness, to understand how the psychological and physiological effect each other and how energy and matter are one. Maxine works with energy healing as a modality to facilitate this, but also encourages the individual to work with nature for grounding, relaxation, alignment of the energy systems to improve health and bring inner peace, and to learn skills that can enable them to turn to nature as a healing resource whether through directly working with the plants and trees, or to connect through the spiritual and energetic worlds for guidance and transformation.

The name Awaken Nature Healing relates to one of the aims of the teachings which is to connect people back into their spiritual selves knowing that the physical, energetic and spiritual worlds are all interlinked, and that when we recognise our spiritual nature, that this goes beyond the physical, material world, we see things in a much bigger perspective, benefiting not only ourselves but also all other species on the planet.

In recent times, this seems to have become more imperative, as in recognising that all life is sacred, allows us to develop a more intimate connection with it, and thereby, we ourselves become the healers.

About Maxine

From an early age I was aware of there being a world behind the physical material one we experience through the senses, receiving glimpses of the spiritual realms through a natural empathic nature and sixth sense. Realising I could see and feel the energy fields being emitted from people and environments led to a path of learning initially and primarily guided by higher wisdom and direct experience, backed up by studying and intellectual learning.

My awareness of energy was always intensely felt within natural environments in particular being in the woods and I realised the calm that I would feel along with a sense of elation.

Over the years, personal health reasons meant that I would often find sanctuary in nature, calm in a world that can often be overwhelming, and after a lifetime of learning wished to share my awareness and abilities to help other people.

My teachings incorporate elements of western and eastern philosophies and healing wisdom, astronomy, herbal traditions, mythology, magic, psychology, energy medicine and spiritual ecology.

I am a great believer in learning through direct experience which can then be backed up by study, and that in respect of nature we learn best through immersing oneself fully in her language to feel and see how she is constantly communicating with and sending us wisdom.